The Salomon NR Warden Mnc 11 Demo ski bindings have been designed for rental and have already received safety certification by TÜV and compatibility by MNC for all the norms of the boots in the market. 

These chassis bindings are used in the alpine piste, freeride or mountain skiing. The DIN is 3,5-11 and comes with a screw that adjusts with different tools. The toe cap is ideal for wide skis thanks to the U Power construction and 71 mm platform. That facilitates the transmission of power.

Heel Arch technology has an arch between the toe and heel and 73 mm width provides lateral support. These ski piste bindings feature pads that minimize impacts. The spring pedal allows the release of the boot in the event of a fall, so you will not have any risk and you will feel confident of increasing the speed.

salomon nr warden 11 demo L100

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