The Salomon N Warden MNC 13 ski bindings offer excellent transmission of power, precision, control, dynamic flex, cushioning, and great permissiveness for practicing classic alpine skiing.

The Heel Flex Interface technology provides natural flex while the anti-friction system favors release at the right time. The U Power toe and the oversized platform allow great transmission of power to the ski.

These alpine ski bindings have pads that give cushioning and permissiveness. The automatic fit wings will make your life easier and thanks to the freeski brake you will avoid hangs up. They are compatible with ISO 5355 Alpine, ISO 9523 Touring, WTR (Walk to Ride) and GripWalk sole.

This binding combines the on-piste performance basics and the smoothness and progressivity to enjoy off piste sensations, making possible to take the best of skiing in all snow conditions.

Thanks to the MULTINORM CERTIFICATION, you can even use whatever boot norm with this binding, making walking easier when accessing untouched powder carrying the skis.

Freeride binding with multi-norm compatibility.

Freeride performance and power for alpine and touring boots.

WARDEN MNC 13 delivers great transmission and power in conditions, with consistent release performance for alpine and touring boots.

The most versatile alpine binding yet.

Salomon n warden MNC 13 C90

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